Advent Calendar 2016 - day 1 and 2

Well, the time has come for our yearly Advent Calendar, that I'm constantly adaptating to my sons' ages. They're now 12 & 14, and I'm oh so happy that they're still willing to do this with/for their mama.

It started yesterday (day 1), and since it was a school day (on school days I don't plan an activity by lack, of time) they got a treat : milk chocolates I had homemade. And today, also a school day (day 2) they're getting a gingerbread man for after school snack !

Also by lack of time, I couldn't had a blog post done with the full list of the 24 days of our calendar, I'm sorry. I hope you understand.

I'll be posting at the end of the weekend for the next two activities. Have a wonderful weekend ahead, thanks a lot for visiting !