Advent calendar 2016 - day 3 and 4

Day 3 of our advent calendar was painting a snowman face on a porcelain mug. It was fun & the boys will be able to use it all month long, which is a bonus ! I found the inspiration on Pinterest.

Above, my eldest (14) painting stripes on the handle. Below, my youngest (12) ... well, doing the same !

Sorry I didn't remember to take a proper photo of the mugs once they were "baked" (4 hours drying then 35mn in the oven) ... I will add it if I remember !

Today's activity (day 4) was baking mini doughnuts (not fried, but baked). It was fun too, we had a couple of them as a snack today, and will have the rest for breakfast tomorrow morning (again, bonus !)

The Advent Calendar activities are going along nicely & everyone seems happy so I'm extra happy about it !

Wishing you all a wonderful start of your week tomorrow !