well hello February, I've been waiting for you !

One month down, eleven to go, that is simply crazy !

This one promise to be very much full ... hubby's extra busy, therefore I will be too. Three weeks of intense work for him, three weeks of school before the next holidays.

I'm pretty much done with waiting, so whatever the outcome, I am now REALLY looking forward to know. I was hoping to plan a 2-day trip to Paris with hubby, for February or March ... until we realized that we couldn't plan ANYTHING at all until we know what will happen next ! (hubby could totally be asked to go work (out of the country) on March 01st) I was very much bummed about it ! Please bear with me until things get more precise, I'll be the impatient little girl until then. (and without him knowing, hubby's been expressing feelings of tension & impatience ... shhh don't tell him I noticed !!)

Let's talk about something different, well let's not talk at all, and let us enjoy these daffodils (in a pot) that I purchased last week when we were still buried under a blanket of clouds !

I am totally into yellow these days, I need something to energize me ... positive vibes & all !

Wishing you all sunshine & a light heart !