going with the flow

Oh my, it's been a while, hasn't it ?! We're almost at the end of the first week of winter school break, we've been away for three days, and in the meantime, I have also decided to let my hair go back to curly.

I had stopped dyeing my hair a long while ago, maybe 6 or 7 years ago already. Grey hair comes very early on my mom's side, and I was no exception. I'm not even 40 & my head is practically half grey. No way I was going on dyeing my hair every two or three weeks because it would show very fast. I made the financial, ecological & self-loving decision to stop dyeing my hair.

While deciding to stop dyeing my hair, back then, I also decided to cut it extra short. It was no easy decision, but at that point, it was very liberating. I never regretted it. Last week, I decided though to stop having my hair strenghtened for several reasons. Two days after going to the hairdressers, my hair would start to wave in some places, and I could never get the same result at home. Also, because of my natural curly hair, as soon as the humidity level was too high, or as soon as it drizzled, rained, I would "worry" about my hair a lot. (and for a reason, since it would start waving in an odd way !!) And every time I was sweating a bit too much after working out, I also worried my hair would look like rubbish. (yet again, for a reason) And also when I washed my face, or took a shower ... I bet you see what I mean.

Therefore, I decided to go doubly natural. Natural in hair color, and natural in hairstyle. Now I need to let my hair grow ... and my hairstyle will look funky until I have a proper haircut for my hair type ... ahem ! Anyway, I have set it free, and I can't wait to have it long enough to use little accessories. (my girly side talking)

So, there, this is natural me ! 

Yeah, I added happy daffodils for a more cheerful note. At least you can enjoy them !

PS : my copper earrings were made by { Jo }.