beauty in decay // daffodils

A week ago I was showing you a photo of the daffodils (in a pot) that I had bought earlier & that was bringing me great joy. I had to cut some of the heads that had dried, to let the other blossoms have their chance to live. I couldn't bear though to throw them to the bin. They had that special, papery texture, that made them look eternal, like frozen in time. So I decided to keep them, and put them in a handmade raku bowl, bought near Dignes-les-Bains, during our summer vacations 2013. I like (nope, I love, erm nope again, I adore) bringing back a handmade ceramic from each of my trips (near & far), this way, they hold a special memory. (maybe I should repost these blog posts from back then, what do you think ?)

A small way to meditate on impermanence, and on finding beauty in all things imperfect. Wabi-sabi indeed.

Don't they still hold so much beauty, colors, textures, movement ... they're even more poetic.

Unrelated but related northless (by Japanese culture), I wanted to share two little videos. I'm listening a lot of Koto music these days. Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument. You can see it below.

In the other video, you'll be able to listen to "Moss Garden", a song by late David Bowie & Brian Eno, 1977.

Very relaxing & soothing music. Or at least to me it is.

Wishing you a serene week. Thanks for visiting.