this time of year

Happy March you all ! This year is running wild, I tell ya ! I'm not keeping up with it !

March 02nd, and today was a proof of the saying "out like a lamb, in like a lion" ! It's been windy & chilly this morning, then too warm at noon (19°C !) and lastly we had showers this afternoon ! Crazy March !

It's this time of year when you need to wear layers to peel off when it's getting warm, and to put on again when it's getting chillier ! Here enter the naturally dyed scarves ! They're lightweight but still warm enough for springtime !

They are perfect for ladies and for gentlemen of any age or style ! They are minimalist, dyed in such tiny batches that they're almost one of a kind, and timeless. They will never get out of style !

They are a great gift idea for a birthday, or for Mother's Day/Father's Day ... and as a treat for yourself as well of course ! You can see them all over { here } !

Raise your hand if you own a Cozy Memories naturally dyed scarf !

Thanks so much for your support, always !