the birth of PETITE FLEUR

After massive fails yesterday afternoon in what I was attemtping to make (something new, that is), I decided to go back to something I knew how to make, in this case : a pincushion.

I grabbed two fabrics that I thought were complimenting each other, and I went for it. Cut, machine sewed, stuffed, hand sewed. I then grabbed one of the precious ceramic buttons (handamde by Laura, in Canada) I've been collecting over the years. I have such a hard time parting with them, they are so gorgeous.

And once it was done, I realized that a floral print + another fabric (linen, organic cotton chambray or twill) is what I love to use. It's a pincushion that I would love to keep for myself, because it is a combination I love ! I love florals ! I love chambray or linen ! And I love ceramic buttons, ahah !

I knew I'd be looking for a name. I won't lie, finding a name is both fun & head-scratching inducing ! I finally decided to use French, for the romantic, dainty, feminine sound of it.

PETITE FLEUR (literally "little flower" if your French is rusty) will now gather all my creations made with these combinations (stated above), even those made with Liberty of London & linen. And so was born a new "line", with a new name, made for ladies of all ages & styles, sharing the love for floral fabrics !

Pincushion n.1 can be found { here } in the shop, and I am hoping to have a new breath of inspiration thanks to this !



NOTE : don't worry if the shop is unavailable this weekend, I might do some spring cleaning !