much needed fresh air

I had written a totally different, long and boring post, but I erased it, and am sparing you from boredom.

Instead here are snapshots from yesterday afternoon at La Grande Motte (seaside town), where we went after our eldest son left for England. (sob) You can click the photos to enlarge.

It was very windy & there were lots of kite surfers (hardly ever so much wind, actually, and hardly ever so many kite surfers at once !) Glad we went, minus one child, because we clearly needed some fresh air. Helped dusting the cobwebs ! It's still pretty intense in the mental area since we don't have any more news about hubby relocation (or not). I'm so done with waiting for a single tiny piece of news, I'm sincerely over it.

I hope your weekend was great & your week off to a great start ! Thanks for stopping by !