mid-April, riots and the little story of the 3 pieces of cake

April 15th already, this year is zoom-zoom-zooming by ! (is that a word anyway ?) My son shall be back from his British adventures this evening. I think I was so much more worried before he left rather than while he was away. I'm way too anxious sometimes. I missed him so very dearly though !!!

Yesterday morning, from the window of our apartment, we could see not that nice events. As we're right in the heart of the town, it is where EVERYTHING happens. (bang head on the wall) Yesterday there were demonstrations of students (in rejection of a labor reform bill), and clashes between students (well, for me, they're only the small portion who want to break everything, that's all) and police, and it happened just meters from our building. I swear. (here and here if you're interested)

The photos below were taken just a couple of hours before the "riots", before the apartment was surrounded by tear gas bomb (yikes) & sound like a war zone (well, almost, you see what I mean)

The { Celtis australis }, aka European nettle tree / micocoulier de Provence, is already having leaves & drupes, (so-called) winter has passed by in the wink of an eye, it seems.

The pink glow from behind comes from a { Cercis siliquastrum }, aka Juda's tree / arbre de Judée, clearly already in full bloom. All these trees are in our landlords' garden, which we can not access, but thank goodness, we can at least admire from a distance.

The { Platanus acerifolia }, aka London plane / platane à feuilles d'érable, have all their leaves out now, and the pollen + wind in the last weeks have been awful. They're great in the summer for providing much needed shade, but the price to pay comes in the spring !

School break starts tonight and goodness I'm looking forward to it. Hubby's in bed with bronchitis, little one has a cold, and our eldest left for England with a cold as well. I've been spared, but for how long ? (crossing fingers for not being ill next week for my birthday !)

As you know we are still waiting for news about our move (or not). We are basically waiting for three different news. Let me explain something to you now.

Imagine that each possiblity is a piece of three different cakes. Imagine that you may get one or two or three pieces (you're not the one who'll be able to take that decision), before having one of the three entirely. Two of the pieces you've never tried (included one you are excited to try, and the other one you know what to expect). The last piece is from a cake you know too well, and it is not the one you like the most.

Now imagine that you've been waiting for these pieces for a long long time, and that you get that first (less favorite) piece first. You're happy to have a piece of cake, you're grateful about that, but that's not the one you prefered or felt excited about. You may or may not get to taste the other two, it's not up to you ...

- - - -

Well, you got it. We had a first news, and not the one I was hoping for. If the two other news never get expressed, we'll be here for many more years. I've lost most of my hopes, part of my dreams as well, I must say. I don't know what to think anymore. We'll still be waiting for the two other news, but come June, the dices will have been thrown. I guess I have to re-adjust my dreams & hopes now ...

Let me close this post by something happier. I want to wish my sweet friend Margie a very happy birthday today !! Have a glorious day, dear !

And you all have a wonderful weekend ahead ! I shall have a week-worth-loadful of stinky laundry from my son trip, ahah !