2016, the year of uncertainty (so far)

Oh boy. Where do I start again ?

Hum. Hello, my name is Sonia. Oh. I think you remember that. {wink wink } Let's start again.

Hiiiii everyone ! When I last posted, my eldest was about to come home from his trip to England. And now, two weeks later, we're at the end of the spring school break. But in between, so much (and nothing much at the same time) happened. I celebrated my 38th birthday, went to Paris for two days with hubby, signed the sale agreement for my parents' house ... and so much more. (see below)

{ Get ready for a long post, I'm warning you in case you only have a minute ahead of you for reading my blog }

You can not possibly remember that I told you hubby applied for three different "jobs", in three different & distant places. One was quite locally, in Nîmes, another was supposed to be in Paris itself, and a third one was supposed to be in Luxembourg city. As you can see, they were three totally different possibilities.

We came to the conclusion, with hubby, that the last two possibilities were now quite unprobable, so we decided to go ... house hunting, and not particularly in Montpellier itself. I/we've spent the last three weeks browsing real estate websites, in all possible ways. We've visited an apartment (by the seaside), a house in the countryside, and a house not very far from my inlaws. Three different possibilities. And the last one may fit.

I won't go into very much details, but for Luxembourg city, the apartment by the seaside, and the house in the countryside, I had made the really tedious "job" of projecting ourselves fully ... making TONS of researches for housing (rent), the different quarters of the cities, the school(s), the transports (to work for hubby & to school for the boys, to grocery shops for me), anything and everything. Which now feels like a super massive waste of time. It took most of my time, most of my (positive) energy, was a massive source of strees & questionning. And felt like a constant roller-coaster. I put way too much hope (time & energy too) in leaving for Luxembourg (or other places), and the uncertainty has been a killer of all sorts.

And now, we're waiting for this house. We have made an offer (it'd be our first house purchase), but there are many zones of uncertainty. The financial one is the first one, but so many other ones are also present. I can't possibly go into further details or I'll lose you forever ! But what is sure is that NOTHING IS CERTAIN ! Arrrrrgghhhh. Until some precise points get clear(er) and certain, we can not plan anything (and I'm not even talking about summer vacations) There are half chances that nothing at all will happen in the end, and we'll be stuck in this apartment for another year. It's a really nice apartment, it's not the point, but in the summer (and it lasts from early June, or earlier, to early October) it is incredibly hot (no air conditioning) and extremely noisy at night.

This house would be smallest than our aparment (but with a garden & outdoor space, yay) so I would need, one way or another, to reduce/downsize our belongings, TRULY. We were comfortable with space here in our apartment (well, we rent it), so it's a bit weird to think we'd go to somewhere smaller. But in a minimalist/"less is more" way of thinking (which suits me/us), it's a good thing.

So ... I'm still not touching the ground, so to speak. Making lists, thinking ahead, thinking of details, small and big. It has kept me restless for many nights these last months.

Please, please tell me more about you and your house !
(I've never been as obsessed with living in a house / owning a house as this year)

Do you rent or are you owners ?
Have you been in your place for many years ?
Are you very happy with it or do you dream to go live elsewhere ?
Are you in the city (downtown), in the suburbs, in the countryside or by the sea ?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bearing with me. I have hopes that 2016 will be a year of change or transition for me & my family ... but I can be wrong. Have a delightful weekend, lovely ladies (& gentelmen ?). Be well.