April first shop update

I'm sorry this blog has been recently overflowing with self promotion, but since I can't find the time for everything at the same time, and since I've been feeling a new breath of motivation (thank goodness !), it is the way it is. I can't seem to be able to blog much more than that. I have a couple of recipes to share with you, but never get around to actually share them. My offline time & my online time are not indefinitely stretchable, sadly. So I hope you will excuse me.

I have added new items to the shop, so here they are : (click the photo to get to their respective listing in the shop)

First in line, the great come back of the PURE line (100% organic cotton), with this generous pencil case, above.

Then, these coasters (set of 4), made with Geninne's designed fabric (organic cotton), and natural linen.

There is also this small storage bin made with the same blue butterflies fabric. Very handy & cute !

And lastly the (Liberty of London) poppy storage bin has been restocked !

I have been doing some spring cleaning in the shop, therefore some items have forever gone, some have been gathered into { gift sets }, and others have been { marked down } (again, for some of them) I also tried to simplify the navigation (by removing the sub-categories) which I hope now looks uncluttered & simple.

I hope your week has started on a great note. Busy busy here as I try to get everything ready for my eldest son (almost 14) for his first trip without us. He's going to London & Oxford with his school, a super duper long bus trip from south to north (approx 18 hours), then the ferry & more bus. I know how it is since I did the same thing myself, at the same age, which was, let me see, twenty three years ago ... geez, I feel old. Between the many bus/car/truck accidents on the highways, and the terrorist attacks, and the very simple worry of seeing my son go, I am honest when I say that I am scared to death. Oh well, he is growing, and I'lm growing as a parent too. So is life.