old or new, but good habits

Good habits are as hard to get as bad ones are hard to give up. But, it is possible, as long as you really desire to get it or to give it up.

There are some habits I've (more or less) recently acquired ... and some I've tried to keep up with, for a longer time. Here are some random ones.

Natural skincare layering routine - If you've been following me for a handful of years, you must have read an { article } I had written back in July 2013. I still do it except step 1 (if you read the article), every single day (exceptions are few). The soaps have varied along the way, and the one I'm using right now (on the photo above) is enriched in organic Isatis tinctoria (woad) oil. And the cloth above (that I use with the soap) is a (Japanese) wabofu cloth (organic cotton), that I buy regularly, in Paris, in the Japanese area (rue Sainte Anne) but you can find it online { here }. Would you be interested in a follow up (or an article complement ?)

Fountain pens - A handful of months ago, I decided I really wanted to go back to writing with fountain pens. I used to write with them when I was in school, then gave up for good. Well, until last November. After reading reviews, I decided to go for { Lamy } Safari fountain pens. (made in Germany) I first got the white one with dark blue ink. Then got the yellow, with erasable blue ink. Then got the the black one with black ink, then the red one with ... red ink. And the neon coral one (a limited edition from 2014) is a birthday present from me to me. (coming up in 13 days). I'm hooked up & I use some of them everyday. This habit happens along another one : using a diary/planner, but not to use as a planner, but more as a record. (not writing what I have to do, but writing what I have done ! of course I don't write that I've washed the dishes, but counting the number & frequence of laundry for exemple, can be useful) Do you use a planner or do you write down what you've done ?

Sport - Last year I didn't do as much sport as I should have. But for a handful of months now, I have been working out at home 4 times a week, most of the time 30mn to 45mn. I sometimes go to power walk in town with hubby, and we walk for an hour & a half, for a bunch of kilometers. (should get a pedometer to know how many) It's maybe not often or not much for some of you, but for me, it is quite something. But I don't have a goal, I even haven't weighted myself in many many months. I just want to feel greater, more dynamic, more flexible, stronger, and to have this habit engraved in my daily/weekly life, from now on & forever.

I work out from the comfort of my home, I hate to run or swim. Getting new fitness shoes & leggings have been motivating to me. (silly, I know)

My mom needs to loose even weight more than I do, and she doesn't do any exercise. I am currently showing her the way to move more than she does, with minimal effort. (power walk) New habits for her for sure.

Water intake - Along with more regular work outs, I have realized I wasn't drinking water in a minimum quantity. I recently got this insulated, stainless steel { water bottle }. It is BPA & phthalate free, doesn't sweat or leak, and keep drinks hot or cold for many hours. (you can find similar ones in different styles, in other brands) I love the minimalist look, and more particularly that it holds 1/2 liter. Now I drink one in the morning, refill it at noon & drink another one in the afternoon (more when I work out), and I know I have drunk a whole liter. Brilliant ! I have been drinking lots more since I got it ! Do you drink enough water yourself ?

Well, I hope I'll acquire more good habits, and will manage to get rid of bad ones. There is always room for improvements, isn't it ?! Do you have new (good) habits you've recently (or not) acquired ? (and want to share with us here ?)

Be well, everyone, be well.