spring in the garrigue, part one

For once, I won't talk about houses or doubts or future. I'm only sharing photos from the beautiful garrigue (name of the wild areas here) right now in the spring ! I'm sharing half of them today, and the rest tomorrow, so that the posts aren't overloaded !

Let's start with the Aphyllanthes monspeliensis, whose flowers are edible, and which don't have any leaf. Those little blueish-purple flowers are a delight to see in the spring !

We went to the garrigue also because my youngest (U, 12 next August) needed to pick almost a dozen (undangered) species to make an herbarium (school homework), just like his brother two years ago. {see the pressed flowers here} I'll share the photos from his herbarium later this week, I promise.

These neon green beauties are euphorbias, and I think they are Euphorbia serrata. (serrated spurge)

These, above & below, are Tragopogon porrifolius australis, aka purple/common salsify. The photo above comes before the photo below, after which the seeds will start to come out of the center, and will make the biggest seed clock (like a dandelion clock, but bigger) you have ever seen ! {like this one}

I love these as well, they shine in the sun light ! They make me laugh as well as I think they look like very very tired toothbrushes ! LOL

And the mandatory wild garlic because the season has begun ! You can read again my post about wild garlic, two years ago to the day !

Wishing you all a glorious day ! Thanks for stopping by !