spring in the garrigue, part two

As promised, here is the second batch of photos from the garrigue in the spring !

As I said yesterday, we were there to pick some flowers for making an herbarium (a homework for our youngest), but also because it'd been a while since we last got out. The last months were pretty intense in tension.

Above & below, Salvia verbenaca, aka wild clary, the mediterranean specie having flowers in a lighter shade of purple.

A tangle of spirder's webs in a random plant. I love the iridescence in the sun ...

What I think to be Senecio vulgaris, aka groundsel, with its joyful yellow pompons !

Above and below (a close up), a mystery plant (to me) ... I have not managed to identify it, and if I do, I'll come edit the post & add the name. It has silky petals (or maybe these are leaves, I don't know)

Above and below is Helianthemum appeninum, aka white rock-rose. I love the row of "bells" of the second photo !

And last but not least, the delicate Ophrys apifera, aka bee orchid.

I hope you enjoyed these photos ... I know my nature photos are less frequent than at a certain time. I'm the first who regret it. Let's hope there will be more nature outings in my future.

Have a beautiful day !