summer begins in May

That's a fact, summer starts a month early in Montpellier.

Tank tops, flip flops, very light duvets, no jacket, short sleeve tee-shirts ... and already trying to cool the apartment down. It was almost 27°C this afternoon & it's already 22°C indoors. I'm not trying to make anyone jealous, because I'd gladly do without these for one more month. I've never been a summer girl, and it gets more & more obvious every year. (I wonder if this will change one day)

I will have more to tell you soon, but for the moment, I need to keep my big fat mouth closed. Sorry for the suspense, but be assured that my offline life's been (and is going to be) pretty busy & full right now. And slightly chaotic. But all for the good. (I'll explain soon, I promise)

Have a great weekend ahead !