Life has gotten really busy & full over here, the last few weeks. I can't say more for the moment, I'm sorry, but I promise I'll open my mouth as soon as I'm able/allowed to. In the meantime, I'm blogging today about the herbarium my youngest had to do two weeks ago as a homework. I took photos of the pressed flowers before he brought it to his teacher.

I'm displaying two photos for each plant, one being a slighter close up of the first one. Click the photos for watching them  B I G !


⎡ Hippocrepis comosa ⎦

⎡ Thymus vulgaris ⎦

⎡ Helianthemum appeninum ⎦

⎡ Salvia verbenaca ⎦

⎡ Genista scorpius ⎦

⎡ Musscari comosum ⎦

⎡ Salvia officinalis ⎦

⎡ Foeniculum vulgare ⎦

⎡ Aphyllanthes monspeliensis ⎦

⎡ Quercus ilex ⎦

I hope you liked these, maybe they can inspire you one way or another. Shape or color, they sure are beautiful !

Have a wonderful week !