life lately : first half of June

Where to start ? Our apartment has now reached a level of mess that is threatening my sanity. I know it's just temporary, but geez it's already driving me crazy.

I prefer to show you little collages of photos taken recently. The first two collages were taken in the botanical garden (where I need to go back properly with my good camera before sun burns everything in sight).

I'm enjoying the beauty, the calm & the peacefulness of it all. Breath in, breath out ...

Next collage is blue / green themed. The shadows through my straw hat (on my way to school). One of Montpellier's famous monuments (Le Peyrou). Sun through the albizia. Hubby's birthday gift (was on the 6th), furoshiki wrapped.

More orangey hues now, with the first cantaloupe of the season (and it was delicious !). A vanilla-strawberry rooibos ice tea (homemade, with a dash of lemon juice & of agave syrup). "Weeds" near where my mom lives. And the first apricots of the season too, and they were juicy & ripe & so good too !

It's been an intense weekend of sorting, wrapping, packing, moving things, I'm taking the day off, and don't feel bad about it for a single second !

Can't believe it's the last week of school for both my boys. As always, it's so bittersweet (for me, because it signs the end of an era), even though I think we're going something much better (for them) from September. They had been going to schools in Montpellier for the last 7 years, it's not nothing. We've been through quite a bunch of teachers !!!

Have a great week everyone !