let the adventure begin !

Yup, that's official ! We got the positive reply from the bank (about our loan) therefore everything is getting confirmed & secured ! HOORAY !

The photo above was taken near the gate of an old house, spotted during one of our power walks. It means "The House", so I thought it would totally fit today's post !

Hubby went to grab half of the carboard boxes we'll use, and I'll start packing some things soon. In the meantime, I've sorted out all of our boys' early childhood drawings & such ... boy was it a trip down memory lane ... oh dear. Time goes by so fast.

Talking about time, my boys will be off school in two weeks from today. Two weeks only, that's just literally crazy. They had a very good year, and we're proud of them.

Summer's now here, the temps are slowly but surely going up, and I've had my first mosquito bite of the season (blugh). I've started using monoï oil again. Time for flip flops, tank tops, and such. Let's just hope it will be reasonnably hot.

Have a most beautiful weekend, everyone ! And thanks for following my new adventure !