two instantly lost battles

My goodness, time flies. I didn't mean to vanish for almost a week, woops. As title says, there are two battles that barely started, and that I have already lost.

The first is the fight against mess. As soon as you start packing things into cardboard boxes, unsurprisingly settles the BM. The Big Mess. Buh. You can pack "this" already, but you can't possibly pack "that" so soon ... and boxes start to pile up although you don't really have the room or a specific place for them. Geez. What a long summer this will be.

Which leads me to the second fight I've already lost : the fight against heat. In a matter of a week, we've jumped from (unseasonal, I admitt) spring temps to (seasonal) summer temps. We reached 32,5°C (90,5°F) in the shade yesterday afternoon, and now the temp won't go below 24,5°C (76°F) indoors. Take all the sun & the heat you want if you're lacking of both, I'd gladly share with you or give them all to you all summer long !!! (if only)

Nothing exciting or interesting for me to share with you, my life's going to be pretty dull & full for the next months, until the big move happens. Until then, please enjoy these two pleasant photos taken at the botanical garden in 2013 ... no way I'm going to show you the mess or my sweaty face ! LOL