Aigoual 2016 // part one

Three days ago we've had a (nasty) heatwave over here, and we decided to get away for a couple of days. We chose a favorite of ours, local mountains, with Mont Aigoual as highest point. Here is a first batch of photos from those two days.

it all started with breakfast on the road, a favorite of ours ...

It all started with breakfast on the road, the four of us enjoy that very much ! Coffee, cocoa & biscuits for the win !

Within an hour of driving we were able to have that kind of panoramas ... aaaah breath in, breath out.

On the road we met a herd of sheeps with their sherpard. They were fun to watch & to hear. (with their bells)

We first stopped by the "Lac des Pises", a favorite place of ours. Nature grew back around a man made little lake. (like 50 years ago). And I think this was the best moment of the year for all the flowers & butterflies ! Later in the summer, it would have been drier & less green and lush.

Even a humble dandelion is a piece of art from Nature. We all need to remember that.

I recharged my natural batteries during these two days, preparing everything for the move has been really wearing me out, and the heatwave on top of that was the cherry on top. We needed to get away !

I can't wait to show you more photos ! Be well !