Aigoual 2016 // part four

Nope, I haven't disappeared just yet, time is just flying by ! I hope you're all having a nice month of July.
Here comes another batch of photos from our two-day trip to the mountain.

There were many many black butterflies (I had never seen such "plain" black butterflies before) on the scabious, it was quite a sight to see ! Too bad I didn't capture it on a video.

On the first day we were there, it was unusually hot (since there was a heatwave in Montpellier at the same time) and we found some relief in the shade, under a bridge that was over a river. We all went in the icy cold, crystal clear river, it really hurt our feet, but boy how good it was !!

This is my son U, he'll be 12 next month.

Nothing much to add today, I hope you are all doing fine & enjoying summer. Thanks for visiting ! Oh, and if you don't follow me elsewhere, and don't come here via the front page, I have to let you know that everything in the shop is 50% off until August 15th with code MOVINGSALE at checkout.