August already or August at last ?!

Yup, July's been a little bit of everything. Trying to enjoy the season ... eating summer fruits ... squeezing one single trip to the seaside ... peachy sunsets ... watching movies every night (at home, & watching all over again goodies such as The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings ... amongst dozens of movies)

Also packing and packing some more ... sorting and sorting some more ... I'm now knee deep into it & I'm not finding it amusing anymore (not that I did before !) I'm so very very done with the mess, there is not a single corner of a single room that is clutter free. I'm not joking, it really hard for someone who enjoys all things tidy, and it's far from being over, ugh !!

The countdown is on now, less than a month to go ...

I'm trying to think about some things ahead, such as my new planner/agenda, because come September, it'll be too late for this (I won't have a stationery store easily at my reach anymore), and late August will be way too crazy to think about it ! I've decided to go for a Mark's Tokyo Edge this year. 

I'll keep on posting photos from our trip a month ago, if I manage my time properly. Otherwise ... it might get a little silent here ... But I know you all know what I'm doing right now ! Besides, you can find me almost at all time on Instagram.

Oh, and don't forget that the moving sale is still going strong, till August 15th, when I'll close the shop for a good couple of weeks (if not more) Click the image below to visit the shop !

Thanks for stopping by !