brand new life !

Well hello everyone ! It's been such a long time !
As you know, it's been a hell of a busy summer, with moving on the last days of August as cherry on top. (on our 17th anniversary no less) And since then it's been just as busy, since the boys went back to (a new) school almost a week ago, my mom moved to her own place (though temporarily for a year), Pitou got back from the cat hotel (and is readjusting to his new home), we got delivered outdoor furniture two days ago, doing grocery on a regular basis because we almost completely ate all that we had in our previous place.

And obviously in the meantime, most of our boxes have been emptied already. I think only 10% of the boxes are yet to open. My studio / creative space (in the garage) has been unpacked, but is still to be completely organized.

I've reorganized so many of our belongings in the last couple of months, that it paid off when I opened the boxes. Basically only personal stuff of mine (like stationery etc) or decorations are still in boxes, all the essential things are all in place & being used.

Lots of things are still new to us, but they are good things ! It's still very very much summer here (still over 30°C during the day, it was 36°C two days ago) so we're enjoying the swimming pool as much as we can ! With the brand new outdoor furniture, we are also either eating breakfast or diner outside. I'm hanging my laundry outside, and it's like I'm the happiest girl on earth ! LOL (I'm such a simple girl at heart !)

Having a garden and a swimming pool & taking care of them (after slightly neglecting previous owners) is very new to us & time consuming. But also so enjoyable ! We'll find our marks soon, but hey, it's only been a week and a half since we've moved ! But we clearly feel like home already, but it also feels like we're spending time in a vacation house, not really "ours", that's a pretty weird feeling ! Sometimes, we feel we live somewhere in Florida or California, that's a fun feeling.

So, in a word, moving went well, we're all over the moon, we're all very busy, we're all trying to find our marks (at home, school or work), so please bear with me/us as we proceed. It shouldn't take long.

I hope summer treated you well, and that coming back to school or/and to work went perfectly fine as well !