bringing bamboo in

I love bamboo. I really do. There is a row of bamboos growing between our driveway & our neighbour's. I will have an endless supply little twigs of bamboo for bringing in. Free foliage, yay !

They are so gracious, light & airy, they're really inspiring. They inspired me this photo below. It hasn't been retouched, only resized.

I hope this short post finds you all very well. Things are slowly but surely falling into place here, we're working on routines for everyone (but not too much neither, hey !), but I haven't found my way back to sewing, embroidering, dyeing, painting or anything creative just yet. I think there are only two or three boxes still to empty, but other than that, we're pretty much completely settled.

I have started thinking seriously about what we could actually have in our garden. I never realized there was so much planning ahead, so much research before even thinking about getting plants or shrubs or sowing flowers. Please don't be too hard on me, I've lived the last 17 years of my life in apartments !!! I'm not notorious for being a green thumb ! But I'll work hard for it to change !