indoor and outdoor Pitou

Adjusting to a new home while doing our best to keep Pitou (our cat) indoors for three whole weeks was quite a task ! He needed to get used to the inside of his new house & make it HIS home before he could go outside & make it ITS garden ! So during 3 whole weeks, it's been pretty much like this, for Pitou : {click the small photos to enlarge}

But he could smell the outside from the windows or when we would go out & in, etc. He was so eager to get out ! He eventually got out, under our supervision. He is enjoying it very much (surprise ?!), he was an outdoor cat before we rescued him, after all ! He is now a little more relaxed than at the beginning when his senses (according to me) were bombarded with sensory informations ! (from other cats !) He now loooooves to eat grass ! 

I must admitt it still feels a bit weird for me to see him outside, I've only seen him indoors, but I know it will pass ... I'm not just used to it completely !

Seeing him run & jump like a kitten is priceless, it completely melts my heart !

I hope this post finds you all happy & healthy. Better go, cheerio ! (Pitou butt photo was a must LOL)


Sonia (+ Pitou !)