around the garden - late September

It's been an incredibly filled month of September ! So many new things to get used to, so many new things to discover, so many things to enjoy while it was still summer ! Swimming outdoors until now is something totally new to us, and we've been enjoying every minute of it !

I've walked around the garden with the camera in hand, the other day, and this is what I saw :

Appealing shapes & colors ! So much to look at & discover !

I don't know what this shrub is, but the little bell flowers made me smile, because they look like they're laughing (or singing their heart out !) when you look at them from a specific angle ... or is it just me ? LOL

What else did I see ? ...

I'm growing chives & it's almost blooming ! Can't wait to eat the blooms with fresh cheese ! Yum !

I love to see the rain (or dew) drops stuck at the end of fern or maiden hair fern leaves ... so pretty.

I hope you' enjoyed this little late-September tour (seen via my macro lens) of my garden. I wish you a wonderful end of September, and a glorious start of October !