cold week & shop facelift

It's been a pretty cold week in France (and elsewhere), even in southern France. Nothing extraordinary, just unusual. But I truly enjoyed it, because it was windy (very much), it was sunny everyday ! And in the morning, the sky was like that : (yes, that's our roof)

Pretty nice, ugh ? It was also the best moment for giving the online shop a good cleaning & rearranging. Much needed. I can feel some bits of insipiration & motivation coming back, so let's hope it means I will have something new to show you in a decent delay.

In the meantime, the SALE section of the shop got refilled with a handful of (high quality, one of a kind) items, so you can shop right now doing real bargains !

And since I'm not sure I will ever dye new SCARVES again, if you've always wanted to get one from the shop, now is the time ! Pink, grey, purple, salmon ... there are such lovely natural colors to choose from !

Thank you for your visit, I wish you all a delightful day !