SLOW IS GOOD, a new mug rug

At long last I have something to show you (as well as something to tell you, but we'll see that later). I have just finished a new series of 5 "SLOW IS GOOD" mug rugs (or mini placemats, as you prefer), and I'm very happy to show them to you !

It is made of striped beige linen & powdery pink Japanese fabric (Asanoha traditional pattern - symbolizes growth & good health-) on one side, and of dark blue Japanese fabric on the other.

Foliage, snail & teapot details were created with stamps I hand carved myself. Textile ink was heatset. It was stabilized before being over-handstitched. "SLOW IS GOOD" was hand embroidered. Just a gentle reminder ...

I hope you like it ! You can find it HERE ! I made it with all my heart, after a long long period of creative void. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to show you all an actual thing I've made. I feel like being creatively born again, geez !!

The other thing I needed to tell you is that I was obliged to create a new Instagram account because my old one (I think I created it in 2011) was apparently hacked then deleted, all without me knowing and without my opinion. It was a pretty unnice shock (to say the least) this morning when I first noticed, but I've decided that it wasn't the end of the world & that I needed to get over it ! Creating a new account felt like a new beginning in itself, like some sort of challenge !

Therefore, please follow Cozy Memories on Instagram with this new name : @cozymemories_shop (or click here) I had recently created a page here on the blog where you can see the photos I post there, without you having to join IG (in case it's not your thing !), and you can visit here (or in the menu on top, "IG" link)

Thank you all for your patience. And for your visit !