summer trip 2017 // 4 + desktop wallpapers from the lake

Well, October clearly slipped away, I knew it would be busy though. Here comes a batch of my favorite photos from our trip this summer (aside from family ones, I mean). They were taken around Lac du Tolerme.

I turned many of these photos into desktop wallpapers, that you can find in the GOODIES + section of the site.

Throwing some rocks into the lake was of course a favorite moment for my youngest ! I managed to capture one hitting the water ... Splash !

How I love reflections in the water ... and the contrast makes my heart swell. One of my favorite photos is the one below, of ferns.

I hope you enjoyed them all. I'm glad to share them with you through desktop wallpapers. I will try to post once or twice more this week, I still have so many photos to share !

Wishing you a delightful week ahead ! Be well.