cozy mittens

Oh wow, it's been quite a (veeeeery long) while since I last updated the shop with something new ... much to my own despair, actually. Inspiration was always buried deep inside myself, but the creative flame had almost died. Almost. Because I've got my creative mojo back, people ! Best news (for me) for this end of the year ! Without further delay, I will introduce to my lastest creations ...

Cozy up your space with this set of two Cozy Mittens !

They can be used as wall hangings/decorations, but can also be hung at a door/cupboard knob. Another fun & useful idea is using them as festive coasters ! You could also tuck the loop & put them in a plate for a fun decoration/trick : they are supposed to look like gingerbread biscuits (in the shape of mittens) that have been decorated with sugar icing.

I even made a little video so that you could see them differently !

There is only one set available, and they are truly one of a kind. I loved embroidering them so much ! I hope they will find a cozy home very soon, hopefully in time for the holidays !

A bit folk ... a bit country (slightly primitive) style ... a bit zakka ... sometimes vintage ... absorbing influences & re-interprating them my own way ... nothing too polished ... that's what I'm aiming to now. After a couple of years of torturing my creative self, I think this is the path I want to walk, the true voice inside myself that I want to listen to. I want to make things I would love to keep for myself, because it will mean I will love (making) them beyond words !

Let's say it's a new beginning ... and I quite like that idea !

Cheers !



PS : the mittens can be found in the shop here !