our tradition goes on

My sons may be over 13 & over 15, they are still willing to carry on with a "little" tradition of ours : our annual Activity Advent Calendar. I did my best to adapt it along the years to their ages & schedules, but it remains a mix of crafts, things to do, food to eat & food to bake or cook.

You wouldn't believe that I managed to schedule everything (some days are busier than others, I really needed to think seriously which activity was best for which day) only yesterday evening ! Just in time ! I used the calendar I had made back in 2009. It now feels like ages ago for sure ...

The first day was today, and today's activity was watching "The Blue Carbuncle", a Sherlock Holmes story (which is a favorite) happening around Christmastime, and that usually ends up in the advent calendar !

Our tree is up & this year I've decided to go for our golden & off white decorations only. Don't ask me why, I got a little tired of seeing so much red. Very silly. But I'm pretty happy with the color scheme right now. We're using ornaments that they had made during the advent calendar 2015, gold foiled air drying clay ornaments :

Can you see me ? (and hubby too, working on the living room table ?) Hiiii !

I will share our activities & snapshots here & on Instagram/Facebook. Maybe not always on the day of the activity, but well, I know you understand that the season is pretty busy for everyone !

In the meantime, I'll wish you a very happy start to your weekend. May it be both full of good things & relaxing as well ! I'll be back more often than usual, thanks to our calendar ! See you soon ! Happy December to you, by the way !

with love,


PS : the acorns were lovingly made by my friend Lisa, many years ago.