candlelight and chemistry

On Wednesdat (Day 13), the activity was having dinner by candle light. Easy, nice, and charming ! We actually should do it more often !

Yesterday's (Day 15) activity was held by hubby, who was in charge of a chemistry experiment ! More precisely, the experiment was : Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Potassium Permanganate ... Since it happened after school once it was night already, my photos were pretty crappy so I had to improvise a shot this morning. Hard to do something "pretty" with such a subject !

I haven't added the pink, that's potassium permanganate leftovers (and washing still needs to be done ... by hubby) If it can be helpful, the experiment comes from this book.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead ! Can't believe we're barely over one week away from Christmas day. My goodness !

With love,