mendiants, Poirot & more wood burning

Last Friday (Day 15), the activity in our Advent Calendar was to make "mendiants" (disks of chocolate with bits of nuts stuck in them). We had done them before, and they truly are a favorite. I had bought all the ingredients in bulk at the natural food store, therefore it was a real zero waste activity. It is a great gift (or activity) idea, that can be gifted in a tin box or a glass jar, it would look splendid !

We used walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts & pistachios, dark chocolate, but you could use any other chocolate, other kinds of nuts, or dried berries (cranberries, goji etc), spices or salt, or anything, really ! That's so versatile ! We simply melted the chocolate & poured little amounts of it in a parchement paper covered tray. I put them 15mn in the fridge because we were eager to eat them, but you could leave them in a slightly cool room instead.

Yesterday (Day 16), the activity was to  go to the cinema to watch Murder On the Orient Express. (and eat out, as well) You can see the trailer here :

Today's activity (Day17) was to decorate a wooden candle holder with the wood burning too, again. (I know) They will be gifted to their grandmas (again) for Christmas.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the last week of our Advent Calendar, I can't believe how fast this went. I hope you've had a great weekend !

With love,