stars & a glittery tree

Yesterday's (Day 17) activity in our Advent Calendar was making a (small) Christmas tree from pages of an old book, a babmboo skewer, and a thrifted tiny ceramic pot. Ahead of time (since it was done after their school day), I cut the book pages into squares of different sizes, "painted" the edges with a mix of glue and glitters. I let them dry, and all they had to do was to stack the pieces of papers through the skewer, and that was it !

Isn't the result just lovely ? I think so ! It will be used as decoration every year, and will also decorate the table on Christmas Day !

Today (Day 19) in the calendar : star shaped organic chocolate lollipops ! With a fun face LOL

Only five activities left until Christmas ... looking back, it's my eldest (15 1/2) who has been more willing to do all the activities, and he did them with more care & thoughtfulness than his young brother (still very much of a teen, 13 1/2). It melts my heart actually. I hope they will keep fond memories of these Decembers ... I know I will.

With love,