frost bitten

Today's activity (Day 4) in our Advent Calendar couldn't have been more appropriate, it was making frosted glass tea light holder, and I actually lost all of my cosmos flowers last night because of Jack Frost ... (well, I'm amazed they lasted so long !)

It was pretty easy & fast (after a long school day, it had to be !), they simply spread (with their fingers) white glue (like Elmers' I think but any kind of simple, school glue would do) on a glass jar (the ones we used, used to be jam jars) then sprinkled some fine salt and voilà ! We let them dry & then I tied a piece of twine around and added the tea light, and that was it !

If you want a more child friendly version, simply use (beaten) egg whites & sugar. That's what they had used when they made this activity a long long time ago, when they were little.

I think the result is beautiful in comparison to the time and money spent, which is almost nothing for both ! Very cozy result indeed, what do you think ?

With love,