natural colors & textures

No, I still haven't dyed again, but I'm clearly on my way to use all the natural goodness I've already dyed in the past !

It took me some time to adjust to our new home, new habits, new everything. Many months ago I simply got out of the creative loop (or rather, I had fallen down the no-creativity void !), and it was hard to find any kind of inspiration or motivation back.

I've digged in my "archived" fabrics & fibers that I have dyed since 2009 (!!!) and I've already started using them for creating. So, yes, that's a pretty big deal for me, even though it doesn't mean any "new" dye from me just yet.

I have selected some fabrics & fibers all dyed with the same plant : Osyris alba. All were dyed back in 2013. (oy ! already four years ago !) The grey was obtained with a little iron. I love this warm warm pink. Such a comforting (fleshy, too, I think) color ! Enjoy the natural colors & textures !

above : from top to bottom : wool, linen, silk, vintage embroidered cotton

Thank you so much for your visit ! I hope to see you again ! Try to leave your paw if you have time, thank you !