simply drops

Hi everyone ! I am not sure where all the days have gone since my last post ... Well, spring has already sprung here in southern France, actually several weeks ago.

We are keeping ourselves really busy with several home & garden projects (some at the same time), and I admit it has been sucking up all my time & energy lately. I don't have anything to show you yet (not sure you really need to see the very recently -today actually- repaired & brand new roof for our old old garden shed ... not as glamour as it sounds)

We have been destroying a corner of our garden, which happened to have a water cascade, a pond, a stone wall. Yes, written like that, they all sound lovely & romantic. Believe me, they were not, the pond was a massive nest for mosquitoes (which are awful over here), and it was most specifically a corner not well managed, a really bad use of space. So ... we have been destroying it, breaking, digging, weeding, removing ivy roots that were 20 years old (believe me, it is suuuuuper strong). We might re-use stones, and I will keep you posted about it here, if you're interested.

We first thought we'd hire people for re-doing the garden shed roof, as well as for the corner in the garden that needed to be destroyed ... and in the end, by lack of massive budgets each of our projects is requesting (mostly because of the time spent, work labor is pretty expensive here in the south !), we have decided to do it all by ourselves. We can almost do it all, except electricity & plumbing, well, at least that's what we are beginning to believe. (that we are able to do a lot by ourselves)

Until I am actually able to show you, I'll leave you with some photos of rain drops on the anthemis flowers I recently acquired. I can not begin to express how happy & excited I am to finally being able to buy flowers in pots ! (because in apartments, we could not have any on our windowsills ...) Having a garden & an outdoor space has been a life changing thing !

To whoever still reading my old little blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a beautiful (rest of your) day !