almost 39

I'll turn 39 on the 20th of this month. Accepting my flaws. I'm not perfect, no-one is, anyway. Loving my life, and trying everyday to make the most of it, & to make it even better.

Here I am, if you haven't seen my silly face in a while ... ah ah !


I treated myself with a (very) early birthday present. I stumbled upon Kei & Molly Textiles & fell in love with their designs ! I could have bought everything if non for the shipping fees ! These screen printed flour sack towels are made in New Mexico, USA.

I know I haven't been much around lately. Two posts in February, two in March ... I've been neglecting this beloved little corner of mine.

The outdoor has been keeping me busy, we've completely removed everything in one of the corners of our garden (see previous post for explanation). It was hard work (physically) and we even managed to find people to come get all of our huge rocks for free. (a pure exchange of good & service) We now have to plan what to exactly do in this corner, as most of it will be in the shade always. It's a real job to think of it all. But I'm soooooo looking forward to sit in the natural shade as soon as the heat will strike. (in the matter of a big month now) We have several other home & garden projects that are (or will be) keeping us very much busy. Happily busy though.

Happy April, dear readers, whoever you are & wherever you read me from. Thanks.