a garden as a gift to yourself

A really strong & cold wind is blowing from the north on this day I turn a year older. It is really sunny but oh so much colder than a couple of days ago when it was almost summer ! The reason why I haven't blogged at all these last three weeks is that I (along with hubby & my mom) have been working in the garden most everyday ever since.

I told you about this useless corner of our garden, with a tiny pond & ugly waterfall (which, I know, "sounds" romantic ! but was not), that the previous owners (& the ones before) had completely neglected & overlooked, since it is actually a corner that is in the shade all year round (including summer, which is important here !)

We worked our butts off (I swear it was intense) to destroy it, move those huge & super heavy stones (we managed to trade them with their free removal !), move around tons of soil, remove tons of stubborn ivy roots & ever present rocks & stones. Then we made it a level, smooth surface. We finally bought sand, lots of it, to make the base for all the smooth, rounded marble gravel (a bit like this one) we also bought & added onto it. (we also used geotextile between sand & gravel) We installed wooden to create a long flowerbed between this new corner & the rest of the grass near the swimming pool. (grass that we are also trying to restore)

We have added bamboos in three wooden boxes, to make up for the holes in the hedge (with our neighbours) left by the previous corner. (avoiding the trees in the hedge to grow !). We have added wicker fences for making of this corner a more private one. And we have sanded & repainted an old bench in grey. And of course we have planted flowers & shrubs in the flower bed, after adding a lot of fertile soil. This is not the best photo, but at least you get an idea of what it looks as of today.

Of course more flowers will be added, this current ones will take more space soon as well. We will add solar powered fairy lights soon, and some shade flower pots in the corner, as well. It will be cozier & well lived in no time I hope !

Alas, I have absolutely NO "before" or "DURING" photos to share with you, simply because I didn't think about it & because I was too darn busy working on it.

During this time I didn't blog, I have also sown cherry tomatoes, red pepper, radishes & also morning glory seeds. Everything has grown, some cherry tomatoes are already into place, as well as morning glory, which I hope will soon start to cover walls & hedges ! Our first batch of radishes are almost ready to be picked & savored ! What a joy & reward to grow your own food, even small things such as radishes !

I will post more photos very soon, I didn't want to flood you with them today. We finished this corner just in time for my birthday. I will always remember this as my gift for celebrating my birthday for the first time in our new home.