Acer palmatum Deshojo

If you know me a little, it's no secret that I am interested in lots of areas of Japanese culture. And so is my husband. (did he have any choice, ahah ?!) Japanese maple is one of the symbols of Japan that I have always enjoyed (more than cherry blossoms I think), and bringing at long last a Japanese maple in our garden has been a highlight of this spring !

It is an Acer palmatum Deshojo. It is turning to green at the end of spring (right now here), then will turn bright red in autumn and finally dark red through winter & spring. We installed it in a large, deep blue (making me think of indigo dyeing) ceramic pot, and I love to sit underneath to see the light going through the leaves, and to see the contrast with the sky.

It is a v.e.r.y. soothing sight.

I know this blog has been turning into a gardening blog, which I understand is not for everyone. I have been wanting for a house with a garden for two decades & I'm trying to make up for all the time lost. I am sorry (not sorry) if you think there's an overload of plant & flower & gardening posts. I am pretty sure they are gardening & nature lovers amongst the few readers (left) of my old little blog.

The next few posts will be AGAIN gardening/garden oriented, you've been warned ! ;-) Thanks a lot for visiting !

Oh, by the way, we purchased it at the Bambouseraie, along with bamboos, which will be the theme of a coming post.