the joy of growing and picking your own

On April 04th, I have sowed a first batch of pink radish (organic) seeds. I've watered them twice a day (because we were having a heatwave) and have managed to make them grow. I sowed another batch two days later.

Since we've lived in apartments with unusable windowsills (most of the time) and no balcony, we never grew radishes. It is pretty darn easy & yet so very enjoyable ! What a joy to grow & pick your own veggies !

In the matter of a handful of days, the seeds had sprouted, and soon enough, their leaves had the shape of butterfly wings, which was super cute & fun !

They grew much larger leaves pretty fast ! We picked our first radishes on the 26th, therefore 22 days after sowing them. I let the boys pick radishes by themselves, and I picked some too. I was so darn excited, that was pretty silly !!

Aren't (weren't !) they so beautiful ?! After living in apartments with no balcony whatsoever, for two entire decades, I can tell you that gardening feels like a sweet revenge for me ! OK, not a revenge, but I feel inside my bones that I have to make up for all that time lost ! LOL

Concerning blogging, I have decided to go back (once more) to Disqus comments, and I hope it'll be easier for more of you to comment here. I must say I feel a little lonely, and I do regret days when everyone was blogging. Instagram is so instant, for sure, and I'm also there, but for chatty people like me, it just doesn't do it all the time.

And concerning Instagram, I have decided to turn my personal account to public again (I wasn't sharing anything truly personal anyway), so you can follow me there @cozysonia !

Have a beautiful (long ?) weekend !