garden jewels

We are currently in the middle of a heatwave, which I do not enjoy, but that some of my garden buddies do love. You name them : cherry tomatoes ! I sowed them in March, and they are now almost as high as me ! (well, I'm very short, but stil !!) I am really really looking forward to harvest a first bunch, and it should be soon, with all the sun & heat we've been having (and will be having this week !)

They have bloomed (some are still in bloom), and many already hold little fruits ! It is so very exciting ! It's just incredible how these little seeds have grown into such strong plants with yellow star-shaped flowers, producing such wonderful fruits !

My first cherry tomatoes !!! I'm so proud !

Yesterday evening, as I was watering them, I noticed that they were glowing in the sun, just like they had been sprinkled with golden dust ! That was quite a pretty show, that I tried to capture for you :

Can you see the golden dust ? I think that's their way of breathing, and that what shines so much in the sun, is actually tiny drops of water ! (my two cents, hey)

Given their benefits for the health, I'm pretty happy I started growing these first !

What are you growing (for food) in your garden this summer ? Care to share ?