around the garden - late June

Before July comes around, here is a little garden update with a handful of photos ...

My cosmos have bloomed, though they are much much shorter than expected ! No problem, I'm happy I managed to protect them from the greedy snails !

We've gone through a tough & early heatwave, maybe you've suffered from it as well, since it was all over Europe. And these last days we've had very electrical thunderstorms, the garden is happy even though it was a bit shaken ! It's not unseasonably chilly, but I love it, and I know it won't last more than a couple of days, so I'm cooling the whole house down & enjoying it tremendously !

I had bought a pot of pink Achillea millefolium (yarrow) in spring, and it finally bloomed as well !

The garden is pretty full of all sorts of insects & animals, I spotted a glow worm the other day, as well as a hedgehog ! Sure you can see all these lovely creatures when you live in an apartment ! We're ever so glad we moved 10 months ago (already) !

I'll show you different kinds of little garden friends very soon, stay tuned ! Hoping you are well ! Thank you for stopping by !