late summer goodness for me & goodies for you

Please let me interrupt my summer vacation posting ! I picked the last rudbeckias of the season ... (sniff sniff, I loved them so !) and decided to gather them along with other cuttings from the garden (hot pink cosmos, nepeta & coriander blooms & seeds) for a little impromptu bouquet of some sort, which I put in a thrifted amber glass container.

I didn't want to keep its shabby beauty all to myself so I caught the camera & clicked away ... (you can click for enlarging the photos)

I then decided to move the bouquet to my desk which is more into the natural light.

They sure have both that cheerfulness of summer, yet also that melancholic feeling that the season's over ... sigh.

After I took thesse photos I thought of sharing some of them in desktop wallpapers ! Yay ! You can find them in the GOODIES section of the site !

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed my flowers all summer long, and as much as I'm enjoying this late summer bouquet on my desk ... Be well, dears.