war on waste

Little changes can have big consequences. And when it comes to sustainability & consumption, it is truer than ever. In that perspective, I have decided to make an extra step in the right direction.

Until now, orders from my shop were wrapped in recyclable/recycled tissue paper, came with a printed bill, and until recently, came with a complimentary gift in the form of a tea bag. (at least, since I'm usually restraint by weigh limits) The paper could be recycled, but the tea bag couldn't. So what is changing, you'll ask ? Well, I have decided to wrap orders in handmade (by me, needless to say) drawstring bags, to only include complementary that will be used but that are not meant to be thrown away, and lastly, to send the bill in PDF format.

These are small steps, I am aware, but I'm trying to do my part. I don't want my customers to throw anything anymore because of me. Concerning the shipping box, it is also made of recycled/recyclable cardboard, but with a little bit of resourcefulness, you can unpick the glued side, turn the box inside out, glue back the side, and use it again for shipping !!

I have made new business cards, I run out of my old ones. These are made of recycled cardbord, and of pages of a vintage notebook. I love their simple yet cute & cozy look. Totally what I want to express. (photo on top) I also made little bookmarks from recycled cardboard tags & hemp twine. Simple & useful.

Concerning the handmade drawstring bags, they will most probably never be identical. Some will be stamped, other will be in vintage or thrifted fabrics, according to my mood & stock. They'll be as unique as what they will hold ! Don't you just love that ?!

My week wasn't that creative because hubby was busy, and my in-laws were down with the flu. Let's hope I'll have something to show right after the weekend ! Fingers crossed !

Be well, and thank you for reading !

With love,