Pitou Sunday

A long time ago, I created a tag for this blog : "Pitou Sunday", but apparently I got out of this habit, so here it comes again ! A whole post for my Pitou ! Because he's worth it !

It is undeniable that he LOVES having a garden of his own now. I will not blame him since I feel the same about it ! We're both thrilled to have a garden to enjoy, with corners here & there for gently soaking in the sun & do our things !

He soaks in the sun longer than I do. But I am so thankful to have a garden, and a corner of it that is in the sun when the rest of it is in the shade, that I am sitting outside almost everyday. I try to fndt a moment of my day to do so, because I know I am lucky & I want to fully enjoy this opportunity.

I mean, Pitou and I do not take anything for granted. We've moved so many times (even before finding Pitou), and finally settling in a house with a garden is a true reward.

As much as he loves to be outside in the garden (or outside of it !), he just loves being indoors with us. Although our house is small (113m2 = 1216ftsq), he has many favorite spots, including a soft bed in our bedroom, a whicker basket in the living room, the sofa, the boys' beds .... etc ...

He truly is my cozy Pitou.

Happy Sunday, everyone ! With love,