new heart ornaments

Before I get started about how ackward it feels to pick up the blog after over five months of neglecting it, please allow me to introduce you to the last two heart shaped ornaments that just went straight to the shop …

I made them with all my heart & they are made of naturally (dip) dyed linen & cotton, or naturally dyed silk threads for the embroidery, of hemp twine for the hoop, and of organic cotton stuffing for the filling. They are sold individually, and have different prices because they are not exactly the same size.

As I said in a previous post, hubby’s now working 1000km away from home, and undeniably, this has shaken up our summer holidays & our way to go back to school & to new routines. We’re now pretty much settled but it’s been a challenge on many levels, as much for the boys & for me, as for hubby himself, being alone over there.

Anyway, finding my way back to creativity in this pretty mess was another big challenge of mine. But apparently, I’m seeing the end of the tunnel. Or at least I hope so.

I’m not sure anyone now visits my blog … but if you do, please say hello so that I can be aware of your visit ! I promise to be back more regularly … I have so much to catch up with !

With love,