cosmos in November (& 2 free desktop wallpapers)


OK, trying to be a little more regular than what I used to be …

Besides the dampness of this autumn, we can also note that it’s been a warm autumn as well (no climate change, hello, ugh ?) … flowers are still blooming, including my cosmos.

I like to cut them when they’ve freshly opened, and I love to bring them indoors where we are able to enjoy them a little more. I have them in our bathroom & in our living room. They’re small (or even, tiny) bouquets, but that’s the way I love them.

I have made two desktop wallpapers if you want to save them & use them. You can find them in the GOODIES section of the site.


Other than that … well we’re knee deep in a school exams week, and in colds, coughs & co. (me included) Nothing major though, but still very annoying when you’re in exams period. I’m also trying to finish a new version of their (activity) Advent Calendar … they are 14 & 16 now, so I have to adapt to many things, their willingness, their free time, etc … wish me luck !

Wishing you a lovely middle of the week !
With love,