Advent calendar 2018 - day 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19


Um, well, what a busy time of the year … sorry for the delay in posting, but I do my best ! Here’s the recap of the activities done this past week !

Activity of Day 13 was : eating brussel sprouts shaped chocolate LOL


Activity of Day 14 was : playing bingo ! Fun ! We’ll do it again on Christmas day.


Activity of Day 15 was : renovating Pitou’s scratching spot (a tower), which is made of disks of cardbaord. We simply cut off the edges & it’s like brand new again. We’ve had it for a handful of years & is good to go for more ! I won’t lie, it took us longer than what I thought, so I cut half of them myself.


Activity of Day 16 was : baking sugar biscuits ! (like shortbread, actually) Yum yum yummy ! We ate them for snacks & for 2 breakfasts.


Activity of Day 17 was : making (super easy & fast) mini wreaths with rosemary from the garden. Cut, bend, tie, voilà, it’s done ! And looking great !


Activity of Day 18 was : again, some chocolate to eat.


Activity of Day 19 (today !) was : drinking hot cocoa topped with chantilly cream !


Tonight hubby’s coming home after 10 long days away (we missed him so much !), and the most wonderful news is that he’ll be home for the next 18 days !!!! Woohoo !

See you soon for the last (what ??!) five activities in our calendar ! Thanks for your visit today !

With love,