Advent calendar 2018 - day 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24


Well well … I am pretty late blogging about the last days of our Advent Calendar … life happens, it’s school break anyway, and there was Christmas in between … I think you’ll forgive me.

Fact is I don’t have any photo for the activity of Day 20, which was “breakfast for diner”, because it was not particularly photogenic, and it was late, dark & we were busy with a school meeting. (teachers-parents)

Activity of Day 21 was making name tages for Christmas day. I had the idea to go pick some holly leaves growing in our hedge & write names on it with a Posca pen. Frugal, local, earth-friendly & pretty, I love that !


Activity of Day 22 was making mendiants, which is an activity that happens regularly in our calendars … because we love them, it’s that simple ! It’s a wonderful idea for a zero waste gift. I used organic dark chocolate chips, walnuts, pistachios & almonds, all bought in bulk at the natural food store. It’s quite versatile since you can use whatever nut (or not) of your choice : pine nuts, etc or goji berries, chia seeds, whatever. Use what you have, create tasteful combinations ! Gift them in a glass jar or in a metal box & it’ll be a hit ! (if you can ever give them away !) Melt the chocolate (nothing was added), pour blobs of the size of your choice and sprinkle the nuts/whatever. Reserve in a chill place (not next to the heater or chimney, I mean), and it’s ready to eat or to wrap for gifting !


Activity of Day 23 was baking cinnamon rolls ! Yum ! Our eldest prepared the dough with hubby, and our youngest sprinkled sugar & cinnamon, rolled & cut the rolls. They were our next days’ breakfasts & were soooo delicious !


Activity of Day 24 was the last of the 2018 edition, and was making cheese stars for the evening celebrations. The photo is pretty yellowish, sorry. They were made with puff pastry & shredded swiss cheese.


Well, that’s a wrap ! I still wonder if there’ll be a 2019 version … we’ll see if the boys are still game to it.

I hope you all had pleasant, joyful & tasteful celebrations, whatever you celebrated. Thank you for checking my blog today, I hope you’ve had a lovely visit.

With love,